Friday, October 29, 2010

State of The Art Computer

If I wanted to buy a new state of the art computer I know I would do everything possible to make sure I get a good deal for a great computer. I would have to take time and put forth major effort into buying this computer because it is a major investment. This computer is not something I would buy for a week and then just throw away. In fact, I would own this computer for a number of years so I want to make sure I buy a computer that will last. First. I would research computers online so that I can get an idea of what I want in my computer and the price range I am willing to take. Second, after much research I would go to a store where I can get specific help on computers such as Office Depot or Best Buy. Assuming I choose Best Buy, I would take a little tour around the computer section and read some of the information. Once I am ready to begin buying I would find a person to assist in explaining the various pros and cons of the computers. I would them commence to asking him questions so that I can better understand the products. I understand if i am serious about buying a state of the art computer this process might take more than a couple of days. Once I have found a computer I am satisfied with I would proceed to purchase it and set it up.

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