Thursday, October 7, 2010

Doctor of Choice

If I could be any kind of doctor I would be an optometrist, meaning an eye doctor. I became interested in the work of an optometrist when I went to get my first set of contacts. At my appointment I was surprised by the amount of technology used. I was also interested in the purpose and workings of the technology. One machine in particular that I remember is a machine that blows a rapid shot of air into your eye. Its hard not to blink but you have to do your best not to close your eye. Another machine I remember is one that gave you the same image in different focuses. This machine was to determine how much magnification you need on each eye. As an optometrist I would get to work with these machines to determine the best prescriptions for my patients
Being an eye specialist my job would also require me to check vision and diagnose and treat diseases of the eyes.  I believe that being an optometrist would allow me to be a doctor as well as have a life. As an optometrist I would have a set number of hours of work per day. I could go to work during the day and do whatever I want after. What I mean by this is that I wouldn't be on-call 24/7. It's not like I should expect a call at 3:30 in the morning telling me I need to come to work immediately. I think my job as an optometrist would be great.

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