Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making A New Friend

When we were younger and in elementary school making friends was a lot easier. All you had to do was say your name and then ask if they wanted to go play on the swings. In a matter of five seconds you had made a new friend. As we grew up it became harder to make friends. Now, friendships are not built in a couple of seconds they take time. One thing that hasn't changed is the first step to making a friend. To start off, you first have to say your name. It is important to try you hardest to not forget the other person's name. Then you need to start a conversation. Get to know each other. You should ask questions about their family and their interests. However, you must be very careful in the manner you ask your question because you do not want to seem like some weird creep. Make sure to not ask all the questions yourself. Leave time for the other person to ask you questions so that they can get to know a little something about you. Find an interest you have in common, like a sport or shopping. Start talking about that and your conversation should start flowing easier. Then maybe you should make plans to go shopping or go to the park and play you common sport. Make sure you are not late and if you can not make it because of some emergency, make sure to let the other person know. Once you find the point of common interest you and the other person can start building trust and eventually become really great friends.

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