Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Favorite Game

My favorite elementary school game definitely has to be kickball. In the second elementary school I went to, from third to half of fifth grade, kickball was the most popular game. Handball was a close second but kickball was definitely number one. My classmates and I would watch the clock so tentatively waiting for it to be recess. Once it was recess we would run out of the class and go straight to the kickball field. Two captains would be chosen and then they would pick their teams. During recess the ones in charge of kickball were the boys. They did not like to play with girls because they thought girls were slow and soft. However they made an exception for about four girls because they were fast and were good. I was one of these girls. I liked Kickball because I felt special being one of the few girls chosen by the boys to play. Most of the other girls would beg to be picked on a team but the boys would not hear it.
Kickball is similar to baseball except without a bat and gloves. The ball is also much bigger and there are four bases and one pitcher. The pitcher roles the ball to the kicker and the kicker has to try to kick the ball as hard as possible. Once they kick the ball they have to take of running to the base. If an outfielder catches the ball it is an automatic out. If they do not catch the ball but tag you with the ball before you are at the base then that is also an out. I liked kickball because I liked the touch of the ball on my foot when I struck it with all my strength. It was also fun to get some of the boys out. Kickball was a game that ended with elementary school but I got a lot of good memories from it.

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