Friday, October 22, 2010


Math has been a required subject in school ever since you entered school. I am sure almost everyone has asked themselves what good math will do after school is done and I am no exception. One of my teachers always says that math is simply the art of solving problems. That is exactly why math is so important. Mathematics teaches you how to solve problems. There are three things you can always count on when it comes to math. 1. there is a problem, 2. you have to figure out the necessary steps required to solve that problem, and 3. there is a solution. The difficulty of the problems vary but those three things never change. When you spend years and years solving math problems what you are truly doing, is working on your problem solving skills; skills you will need for the rest of you life because for every problem you will have to identify the problem, see what can be done to fix it, and arrive at an answer.
Mathematics is a subject that deals with everything there is to know about numbers, and numbers are something you better get used to seeing your entire life, especially when we live in a world where money is everything. Face it you are stuck with numbers. They will appear on checks, bills, and recites. What will make the difference between a hard life and an easier one will be your ability to deal with these numbers. This is another reason why math is so important. Learning basic mathematics skills will help you do basic everyday life activities, such as trying to save money when shopping and distributing your money into bills and payments.  Mathematics in general, is so important because it will always be around.

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