Saturday, October 23, 2010


Conveniences can change people's lives in only two ways; negatively or positively. A convenience is the state of being able to proceed with something with little effort or difficulty. Based on this definition I assume that if you live a life where conveniences are constantly available to you, then you will subconsciously become the type of person that lives life with little effort. Negatively speaking, constant conveniences will change people's life for the worse. People will become accustomed to never giving one hundred percent, or to never truly try at anything, or as one of my teachers says, they will never give "EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME."
Conveniences can also change people's lives for the better. Sometimes when your day is going bad and everything seems to be collapsing on top of you, a nice little convenience that might pop up might be just the thing to brighten your day. One example of this would be to imagine a person who has a great debt built up. They have utility bills due the next day, they are already late for a mortgage payment, and the car insurance bill has just arrived. Your paycheck is two weeks away and up to this point you have no idea what you are going to do. You walk outside an find one thousand dollars on the floor. No one is around and you can't just randomly start asking people if they lost one thousand dollars. Fortunately for you the one thousand dollars can cover your bills and a part of your mortgage. Finding the one thousand dollars was a convenience when it came to having to pay your responsibilities. The possibilities of ever finding one thousand dollars on the floor again are slim but for the moment it allowed you to relax. Of course you will have to keep working hard to be able to pay the next time but this convenience allowed you to survive for the meantime.

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