Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Twenty Feet Tall

If I were twenty feet tall, life would be a challenge. Being twenty feet tall would be four times my height now. My house would have to be enormous. I doubt playing soccer for a team would be possible; I mean the ball would be the size of my tooth. Driving would be out of the question because they don't make cars that big and the roads are not built for cars that size. Even walking would be a difficult task. I would have to be careful not to step on anyone or destroy anything. Who knows how many pounds of food I would have to use to create a decent meal for a giant. Finding clothes would be close to impossible. Basically being twenty feet tall would be a MAJOR inconvenience. Probably the only good thing about being twenty feet tall would be that finding space to think would be easy because with my height, chaotic noise wouldn't even reach me.

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