Saturday, October 23, 2010

Achieving Fame and Fortune

In my opinion there are two ways a person achieves fame and fortune. A person can achieve fame and fortune by either working hard and earning it or by simply being handed the fame and fortune down by their parents. When a person works hard to achieve their fame and their fortune they also inevitably end up building their character. During the process of reaching their desired status these people must have encountered failures. Each failure that they surpassed taught them determination, and every time they had to find the strength to try one more time, they learned to "dig deep" within themselves and push themselves harder.  It is these kinds of people that truly remain humble once they have acquired the fame and fortune, because they have exhausted themselves and put in the time and effort. They will forever know what it was like to be on the other side of the spectrum and for that be truly grateful of their great luck.
However, the people that are just given fame and fortune often expect everything to just as well be GIVEN to them. These are the type of people most of the ones who aren't famous or have a whole bunch of money consider "spoiled". They don't have the challenge or privilege of knowing what it is like or how it feels to have to work for something. Not everyone who inherits fame and fortune is like this but there is a possibility that they might turn out unappreciative.

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