Thursday, October 21, 2010

Foods People Eat

For many people food is a subject that brings smiles to their faces. Most people, especially minorities and in my case Hispanics, choose food to eat that remind them of their country. For instance, two side dishes you are sure to find fifty percent of the time in a Hispanic house hold include beans and rice. There seems to be something in Latino nature that just makes us really enjoy rice and beans as an accessory to whatever we are eating. Sometimes when my family goes out to eat at a Salvadorean restaurant my dad orders food such as a pupusa or a seven seas soup. Occasionally he will say, "it tastes just like the ones in El Salvador I use to eat." This brings me to the conclusion that some people choose the food they eat because it reminds them of something special like their country. In the case of my father he was reminded of his childhood in El Salvador. When people leave everything they know and emigrate to another country they take comfort in food because it is a part of their culture that can not be taken and its nice to be reminded of home every once in a while.
Another reason people choose the food they eat is because of tradition. In my family, as in most others, it is a tradition to eat turkey during Thanksgiving. Another example of this would be birthday cakes. It is a tradition for many to eat cake to celebrate a birthday. That may not be the only reason for eating cake but it is an example of a tradition.People eats foods to celebrate.

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