Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The internet has become an essential part of modern life, specifically in American society. People, both users and providers have turned to the internet for many things. They have become almost dependent on the internet. Users count on the internet, which is a network, for the latest news. When I say news it includes local news, global news, and entertainment, such as what’s going on with celebrities. The reason the internet is so widely used and popular is because you can literally find close to everything on it. The World Wide Web is just as its name states, world wide. You could use it to better improve yourself as well. You could use the internet to find a job. You could even take classes on the internet.
On the other side of the spectrum are the providers. Providers count on the internet to get their information across. News stations count on users to visit and use their site. Advertisers count on users to be persuaded into buying their product. It is just another way to constantly try to get you to buy stuff. For the providers the internet is easy money. Another purpose of the World Wide Web is communication. The internet is a way to reach audiences; it is a way to keep in touch with relatives and friends. You could be talking to someone across the United States and still see their face using a web cam. You could use chatting websites to meet people. It is also a way to communicate events to people. Providers might announce upcoming events and ticket prices. The Internet is even a way to find a date!  With the internet the possibilities seem to be endless.

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