Friday, October 22, 2010

Teenage Smoking

There are various factors that contribute to a teenager's choice to start smoking. One of the major reasons teenagers start smoking is because of their environment. When teenagers live in an environment where people smoking is a common sight they might find it only natural for them to start smoking too. Also, when teenagers live in an area where crime, gangs, and violence is prevalent, they might find smoking to be their only way out. Teenagers might also start to smoke because of peer pressure. Teens might come across a group of friends who suddenly won't accept them as part of their group unless they smoke. Scared to become exiled and deemed a loser they feel they have no choice but to smoke to remain in the in-crowd. Another reason is curiosity. There is no doubt that the teenage years are filled with the desire to try new things and that curiosity might tempt them to try smoking.
While there can be some immediate problems resulting form teenage smoking most problems are long term ones and show up much later in life. Immediate problems include bad breath and lack of air when doing physical activities. The major long term problem, which should come of no surprise to anyone, is cancer. Cancer in the lungs is horrible. You are constantly dealing with a hacking cough and the inability to catch your breath. However another major problem is addiction. When you have reached the point of addiction you have lost control. Breaking an addiction from a drug has got to be one of the hardest challenges around. Overall smoking is truly not worth it.

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