Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Ideal Vacation

My ideal vacation is constantly changing. Sometimes I want to go to Italy and see Europe and sometimes I want to go to Barcelona and see Spain. Other times I want to go to Hawaii, New Zealand, or Australia. However for the purpose of this blog I have decided that I currently want to go to Paris, France. There is a great reputation about the Eiffel tower and I would love to go see it myself. Maybe I can even have a picnic under the Eiffel tower. I’d start of my vacation by visiting the Eiffel tower and spending some time there. Next I would do some shopping. I have heard a lot about Paris’ boutiques and if I had a vacation in Paris there is no way I would leave without shopping. After spending a couple of hours buying clothes I would buy an ice cream cone and take a tour of Paris. I would love to see some of Paris’ other landmarks and get a taste for their art and culture. I would end my first day of vacation by treating myself to a beautiful restaurant where I can get a taste of the French cuisine. For the rest of the days of my vacation I would also keep myself busy by doing as much as I can in a day. I would love to actually go visit some of the museums in Paris and check out their library. I would go to Versailles and spend some time in their gardens and visit the hall of mirrors. I would also go to Paris’ flea markets and catch a movie at a cinema. If I had the money I might even go to Hamman de le Grande Mosque and get a massage. I know I can find many more things to do in Paris but I think I have mentioned enough. There is no doubt that meanwhile in Paris I would be taking tons of pictures to keep as a memory. I hope I truly do get to travel to Paris in the future.

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