Monday, November 1, 2010

Brothers & Sisters

Brothers and sisters fighting is not a new topic of discussion. It is more likely than not that if you have a brother or a sister, you have fought with them at least once. However, the limit to the fighting is very important. Like I said most brothers and sisters fight, but they also forgive each other usually within minutes and move on. They do not even have to apologize to each other, they just act like nothing happened and it is forgotten. However, there are brothers and sister who take their sibling fights to another level. These types of fights last for years and years and can end up in the destruction of a happy family. Sibling rivalry is completely understandable but how you handle that situation can either build a sibling relationship or cost you a sibling. For example, if a sister were to get mad at her brother for breaking her computer and then she refused to talk or even acknowledge him, she could destroy any relationship they had a possibility of having. They would grow apart and eventually become strangers. The best way to handle siblings not getting along is to know how to forgive. If your sibling did something to you that made you mad, remember that they are a part of your family and deserve another chance. Also remember that when you do something to make your brother or sister mad, it is important to learn how to admit when your wrong. That makes it all the much easier to forgive you.  If you can not forgive you might find yourself without any one to turn to.

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