Saturday, October 23, 2010

Environmental Problem

A major environmental problem that has been rising to an all time high over the past couple of years is air pollution. Air pollution should be a concern to everyone. Air pollution is caused by many different factors. It can be caused from factories, cars, buses, fires, and power plants. Air pollution is a major threat to the health of people as well as the planet in general. People, especially children can acquire asthma from air pollution. Air pollution makes the air that surrounds you dangerous and unhealthy.  As for the planet, air pollution is responsible for the damage done to the ozone layer.
I believe immediate action must be taken to help spare lives from air pollutant related diseases and make the planet a better place to live in. As previously stated air pollution is cause by both humans and by nature. There is nothing we can really do to stop the natural pollutants, such as wildfires, except to do our best and try to put out the fires as fast as possible. I think factories need to find a way to produce material in a way that doesn't require them to create so much smoke and fog. Cars and buses need to be replaced by hybrids or remodeled to emit as little pollution as possible. As for the  old cars that cough up so much smoke when driven, they need to be destroyed and replaced by a newer, cleaner car. Everyone can do their part to help stop air pollution by using less energy and reducing waste, so that factories and companies do not have to create so much smoke to get rid of your waste and produce more energy.

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