Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Habit: Time Management

Possessing good habits makes every day life easier and with life already being so tough, any little help is welcomed. One of my best and most useful habits is the good habit of having great time management. Time management is the quality of being able to distribute one’s time wisely so that everything that needs to be done GETS done. Great time management separates the organized sane people from the messy chaotic people. Having the good habit of time management is something everybody should strive to have.
It is interesting to contemplate the fact that there are twenty four hours in an entire day yet there never seems to be enough time to complete everything you want to do. There is no doubt that never having enough time can lead to stress and take a toll on you physically.  However, there is a way to reduce this stress. How? By being able to manage the amount of time you dedicate to everything. Being able to manage your time makes you feel like you are in control of your life. It is what allows you to sleep at night more peacefully.
 I am living proof of how important time management skills are because I am constantly busy. I have school from eight in the morning till three in the afternoon. Then I have soccer practice right after school until five o’clock. I go home and I have to find the time to help my brother with his homework, help around the house, eat with the family, do my homework, and then go to my second soccer practice from eight pm to nine thirty pm. I get back home around ten o’clock and I finish anything else I need to finish. With such a hectic schedule things can get crazy within seconds, but they don’t because I know how much time to dedicate to each area. It is important to prioritize. Physically, if I didn’t manage my time I would look horrible. My eyes would be blood shot red and my body would be slouched.
Time management also helps you on an emotional level. If one is constantly busy it can be easy to get frustrated and just feel like you want to explode. Your emotions might get out of control and you might go from happy to mad to sad. It would be like riding a roller coaster and throwing up while on it. Managing you time wisely will help to keep your emotions in check and you will feel better all around.
            I see absolutely no cons when it comes to the habit of good time management. There is no possible way time management skills can negatively affect your life. It can only help you out. Time management is a habit where nothing can go wrong. I can personally guarantee that such a habit will make life easier. So, for the sake of your physical and emotional health I strongly urge you to work on your time management skills.  I honestly don’t know how I would survive without being able to wisely manage my time.

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