Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Thing I'm Good At

One thing I'm good at is playing the flute. In middle school I was first chair in the advanced band. I no longer play in a school band, but occasionally I decide to take out my flute and see what I remember. I still know the scales and I still know how to read music. I remember playing rapid music and how my fingers use to move fast , almost dance, over the keys. My finger s are not as fast anymore but are still pretty quick. You also need a lot of air to be able to play the flute and hold the notes. Luckily, I was great at controlling my air. Playing the flute was a hobby I enjoyed. I think its cool to be able to play an instrument, and although I'm not as great as I use to be I'm still pretty good. Playing the flute is a talent I am proud of.

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