Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pollution Explained

One day I was running around for exercise on a giant green field. It was the early morning and I was the only one on the field. I was listening to my ipod when all of a sudden I heard a loud BOOM! I thought it was my ipod at first but when I realized it wasn't I turned around. I stared at the vast emptiness for about two minutes but not one single blade of grass moved. I quickly turned around and let out a scream. Right in front of me was a little purple alien with three hands and one eye. I thought he was going to kill me so I closed my eyes. "H-H-Hi". Those words didn't come out of my mouth, I thought to myself. I opened my eyes and the alien was smiling. Then he said "What is pollution?" I thought to myself, "what a random question to ask." The alien did not seem dangerous so I decided to answer. I explained to him as simply as possible how pollution was when earth's water, air, or land became dirty. I told him how pollution affected the earth and the people who live on earth. I also told him how pollution is unfortunately caused by humans. The poor little alien was shocked. He understood that pollution was a horrible thing that destroyed nature. Pollution was harmful. I tried to explain it to him as clearly and simply as possible. Then the little alien said thank you and just disappeared. I stood there perplexed when a few seconds later I heard another giant BOOM! I never saw that little purple alien again. How weird!

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