Saturday, October 23, 2010

Teaching More Effectively

Teachers can teach more effectively by simply making the material more interesting. Half the time students don't pay attention because they lose interest in the subject within a couple of minutes and let's face it, a two hour lecture isn't exactly what I would call "interesting". For teachers to teach more effectively they have to get the students to want to learn by keeping things mind captivating. Teachers should switch up their schedule and use various teaching methods throughout the week. For instance one day they could show a video, the next day they could give a lecture, the third day they could do hands-on teaching, the fourth day they could play jeopardy in a way that reviews the information, and the fifth day students could work in groups or take a test. The point is to teach in a way that is not predictable. Going to a class where the teacher does the exact same thing every class becomes a bore and puts students in a bad mood before they even walk in the door. A negative mood will immediately make learning harder.
Another teaching technique that could help teachers teach more effectively is for the teacher to be in control of their class. Believe it or not there are some teachers that do not have the control over their students. This makes the students feel in charge and they think they do not have to learn. When a teacher can not control his own class he should not expect to do much teaching. As a result a teacher's confidence may be lowered and control may never be obtained.
Confidence is a major point. A good teaching method would be to make their students confident. When someone is confident they trust themselves and feel like they CAN handle the material. If a teacher can make his or her students feel confident in their work and their learning ability then teaching should be easy because students will learn faster.

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