Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Impulse Buying

Impulse buying is one of those bad problems most people do not hear about. Impulse buying is when someone purchases items in the "spur of the moment" constantly. Impulse buying can be caused by a number of reasons. One cause of impulse buying can be related to a person's emotions. When some people get mad or sad they usually cry. However, other people try to mask that pain by shopping. They buy whatever is available without even thinking or planning to buy it. Impulse buying usually starts with little things. A person might buy ten chocolate bars or fifty books. Unfortunately this can lead to buying more expensive things like a car or twenty new outfits. Because impulse buying happens in the spur of the moment most impulse buyers use credit cards. When people are not careful and participate in impulse buying they could find themselves in a whole bunch of financial problems down the road. Impulse buying is also caused when people easily give in to promotional messages. Some people can not resist the urge to buy the latest product or call in to order from the latest infomercial. Due to this they are constantly ordering new products without even thinking about the effects. Impulse buying can seem like it is helping at the time but most impulse buyers are left with a feeling of guilt and disappointment afterwards. They feel worst after then they did before. Overall impulse buying solves nothing at all. Instead it adds more problems to an already problematic life.

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