Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Personal and Societal Problems of Obesity

Obesity has escaladed to an all time high over the past couple of years. I believe there is nothing even remotely close to a benefit when it comes to being obese. Obesity is a disease that comes with both personal and societal problems.  One of the major personal problems that attack an obese person is the issue of self confidence. Many obese people hate their bodies and thus hate their life. They are extremely insecure and sometimes as a result they depend on food to make them forget about their problems. Such a deep hate toward oneself can lead to depression. Obesity also increases the risk of a heart attack and raises cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure. Society wise, as the amount of obese people increases, the United States is becoming an obese nation. We are becoming an unhealthy America. I believe obesity is a societal problem because society is partly responsible for it. Although all the technology we have is great it is, to a certain extent, negatively affecting Americans. People are giving up more of the time they spent exercising or moving around to stay at home watching television or using the internet. Another approach in considering obesity as a societal problem is to look at it from a class perspective. Why are there more obese people at the lower middle and bottom class? I think this is because the cost of living in America has gone up so much that people are starting to rely on fast food and unhealthy eating as a way to save money or fast food is simply what people in these classes can afford.  Whatever the case, obesity is just a whole lot of problems.


  1. This topic can be expanded to a full blown report. I would like to see you focus on one aspect of the problem rather than mentioning and not giving the reader enough to satisfy their curiosity.

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