Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Change of Plans

The weekend is finally here. You have been waiting months to take a flight out of Miami, Florida to go visit your aunt in sunny California. This also happens to be your first time flying on an airplane. You are both anxious and excited for a great adventure. You cheerfully pack up the belongings you plan to take and start heading outside. As you open the door you notice that it is raining gently. You get in your car and start heading for the airport. Suddenly the rain starts getting harder. You hope for the rain to stop and arrive at the airport. You park your car and go inside to check in your luggage. The rain keeps coming harder and harder. At this point it is pouring rain. Out of nowhere you hear thunder. Within a couple of seconds you see lightning. You check in your luggage and wait for your flight to begin boarding. While you wait you can still hear the tapping of the rain on objects outside and the roaring of the thunder. You stand up because your flight should begin boarding in about a couple of seconds. You look up at the screen and to your horror it says boarding delayed. Beads of sweat begin to form on your forehead and you wonder what is going on. Only five minutes pass, although it seems like you have been waiting for hours, and this time when you look up at the monitor. it says flight canceled. Your heart drops to your stomach and your jaw falls all the way to the floor. You can't believe it and feel like crying. The talk in the airport by people waiting is silenced when a lady starts talking over the intercom, "Due to extremely bad weather conditions all flights leaving Miami have been postponed until further notice. We are sorry for the inconvenience but safety comes first." There is nothing you can do but call your aunt and explain the change of plans.

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