Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unlikely Allies

According to Dictionary.com and Ally is a person that is associated with another or others for some common cause or purpose. In my opinion there are two main reasons two people of different interests and backgrounds can become unlikely allies. The first reason is that these two people might need something of one another. In a way they might be using each other to gain something. Let’s say you have a very involved Muslim school girl that always follows the rules and who happens to be in charge of a school fundraising festival. She is in desperate need of a band to perform at the fundraiser but can not waist any money on it. On the other hand you have a punk rock Hispanic boy who is part of a band and needs to get some exposure for his band. However, the Muslim girl does not like the type of music the Hispanic boy plays, but she is desperate need of a band and the boy feels he can not work with the girl but needs to build a fan base. She decides to hire him because she needs him and he decides to keep quiet and play because he needs her. They end up spending time with one another and find out the other person is not so bad. In this scenario both sides needed something of the other and ended up becoming allies. The second reason two unlikely people might become allies is because of curiosity. They might be interested about the other person’s background and decide to untie for the sole purpose of broadening their knowledge about other cultures.

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