Thursday, September 30, 2010


Green fades away now
Orange, red, and yellow come
Sounds like fall is here

So much work to do
But I’m great under pressure
Time to get focused

Sun shines so brightly
Waves surround all my body
Worries float away

Buzzer sounds Game ends
Lakers have done it again
Go purple and gold

Rain drops are falling
Surrounded in sea of tears
Still so beautiful

Wind whispers to me
Can not understand message
Someone please translate

Chirping everywhere
Roars and squeals and squeaks and grunts
Call of the wild

The sun is setting
Sand so squishy in my toes
Love days at the beach

Sky brilliantly blue
Grass under my feet so cold
Clouds are so fluffy

Flames rise from forest
A beautiful disaster
Medley of colors 

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