Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Oldest Person I Know

The oldest person I know is my grandma, Christina Flores. She is 73 years old.She is short, has black hair, and has small soft brown eyes. She is loud when she talks, funny, and loves to hug her grandchildren. My grandma also loves to watch novellas in Spanish. She could talk for days about all the novellas she watches. Best of all she is a wonderful cook and its even better that my grandma enjoys cooking for her family. My favorite meal my grandma makes is pupusas. Every time she knows I'm coming to visit she tries to make some for me. Sometimes she makes way to many but I don't mind. I save them for later. My grandma also makes delicious posole which is a soup with "maiz" and she makes amazing chicken tamales. Sometimes my grandma is crazy and slightly annoying but she always makes me smile and I love her.

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