Sunday, September 5, 2010

Free Write (He got out of the car...)

He got out of the car for the first time as I watched from my house's window. I had seen him before at the hospital when I went to visit him and my mom, but now he was actually here. My new born baby brother was home. Raymond Enrique Alvarado. I'm sure he had no idea what was going on but I remember clearly. I even remember the instructions my mother gave me. 1- Be careful he is not a toy,
 2-Always hold and support his head because his neck is not strong enough, 3- try to be quiet, and
 4-babies are fragile so always be gentle. I remember that everything turned out to be way more different than I imagined. I quickly learned that newborn babies don't really do much except for three things; Eat, sleep, and "use" their diapers.
I was constantly helping take care of my brother and my mom. See my mom didn't have a normal delivery. She had a C-section or in other words her stomach was cut open and the baby was delivered through there. For that reason my mom was very weak. Recovering from a C-section is a lot harder than recovering from normal childbirth. For one you have to be really careful because you have an open wound inside and any little damage to the wound can cause internal bleeding. You have to think of infection and do your best not to touch it no matter how much it itches. With a C-section even the little things become hard work. I remember seeing my mom struggle so much with the pain that came with just getting out of bed. Walking around was even harder but she knew she had to do it to speed up the healing process and get in little moments of exercise; doctors orders. I did my best to be there when she needed water or help with the baby. I even woke up various times in the early hours of the morning to help so she could get as much sleep as possible. Needless to say I was a very busy little girl on that month of April 2004 but I didn't mind. Thank God my mom eventually healed completely. Meanwhile I continued enjoying every moment I spent with my new little brother.

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