Sunday, September 26, 2010

Game Show

If I could be on any game show I would be on Deal or No Deal. At the beginning of the game the contents of the 26 briefcases are revealed but their locations remain unknown.  I would have to choose a case from the 26 cases to begin with. I do not get to see what is in the case I chose. From then on I choose cases. Each time I open them I eliminate an amount. The more cases I eliminate the greater the possibility that the case I have chosen has the biggest sum of money. My hope should be that with each case eliminated the biggest amount of money remains safe. A banker makes an offer for my case with each other case eliminated. Then it is up to me to make to deal on a no deal with the banker. With each case eliminated not containing the largest amount of money the banker's bid gets higher. A contestant must resist the temptation to make deal because they might have more money in their case than the banker is offering. If I were on this game show I would hope my case has the biggest amount of money and that I don't make a deal with the banker and decide to keep my case. That would be awesome!

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