Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One Hundred Dollars You Couln't Keep

If I had one hundred dollars that I couldn't keep, I would give it to my mom. Sure we argue every now and then but that is all overshadowed by all the times we laugh. I feel lucky to be able to see a different side of my mom some people never get to see and if I had one hundred dollars to give she would be my first choice. She has done so much for me that I would be more than happy to return the favor at any chance I get. I would definitely want her to spend it on herself. My mom has bought me many things from clothes to jewelery and yet I'm only able to give her things on special occasions such as her birthday or mother's day. I know these gifts still mean a lot because I save up money and give her presents from my heart but I would definitely love to buy and give her things "just because" every once in a while.
Specifically, I would want my mom to buy herself a purse. My mom loves to purchase new purses that match with all her clothing. I know how happy she would be to get any purse, but I believe she would be even happier to know that I gave it to her. I guess it would have more sentimental value. One hundred dollars may not go as far now as it use to but I know that for my mom one hundred dollars that I gave her with love means just as much. In the future I know that treating my mom is something I will enjoy doing.

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  1. Mothers are special people and you convey a strong sense of devotion to your mom. I know the feeling. I am sure she would be happy you thought of her.