Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dinosaur in my Backyard

I groaned as I realized my alarmed had gone off. That meant that it was time to get up from my warm bed and start another day. I turn off the alarm and for just a few more seconds I crawl back into my bed. Then I fling off the blankets and stretch. I rub my eyes and put on my glasses. I make my way to the bathroom and glance at the backyard through the window. WHAT!!!!!! There's a dinosaur in my backyard. At that moment I realized I must be dreaming. There was just no way there could be an actual dinosaur in my backyard. Weren't they extinct? I tap my face and pinch my arm but nothing happens. The dinosaur is still in my backyard and is happily eating the leaves from our tree. "Mom there is a DINOSAUR in  the backyard" I yell. "MOM!" My mom hobbles out of her room with eyes still half closed.
 "What are you screaming about?" she asks.
"Look, there is a dinosaur in the backyard" I respond. By this time my brother and dad had woken up. I grab the phone and call the police. Then hoping that maybe they might be able to do something I call the animal patrol. Both the police and animal patrol laughed at me but I convince them to come. Within 20 minutes there are dozens of camera crews reporting the amazing news. Even with all this commotion the dinosaur makes no sudden movements and keeps right on eating leaves. Thank God it wasn't a tyrannosaurus rex in my back yard. That would have been a whole different story.

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