Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do You Remeber...?

Do you remember when you were five?
When we were so excited to start kindergarten because that meant we were "big kids" now.
When ten page research papers and the theory of relativity didn't exist.
Remember looking forward to two recesses per day.
When swinging on money bars and playing kickball meant you were awesome.
When class lessons were all about shapes, colors, numbers, and the ABC's.
When class work was painting and homework was writing your name three times in big letters.
When you came home ready to keep on playing and having fun.
When it was a major accomplishment to be able to ride your bicycle without your training wheels.
When you weren't afraid of anything because you were an unbeatable, undercover superhero
When college ruled paper meant the paper the "grown-ups" used in the "big" school.
When you could spend a whole day looking for "rollie pollies".
When the world was your playground.
Do you remember when you were five?

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