Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ways to Earn Money

There is always a way to earn money. Being seventeen doesn't matter because if you really want to earn money, you can make it happen. One way to earn money is by getting a job working for some sort of business.  You could work for a clothing store at a mall or at food places such as Subway or Coldstones. You can work at a restaurant as a waitress or file papers for some company. Other than working for  business you could also work for yourself. If you are really good with children than you could try babysitting. Maybe you might be great in science  or some other subject, making you a perfect candidate for working as a tutor. You could also earn money be mowing people's lawns. One of the areas teenagers tend to be great in is technology. Thus, you could charge people to fix their computers or other appliances. If you are a teenager and you want to earn money the main thing you need is to be resourceful.

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