Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Own Restaurant

If I could open my own restaurant I'd want it to be something out of the ordinary. I would open up a restaurant that only serves desserts. The name of my restaurant would be Erika's Sweets. It would be the kind of restaurant that you could come eat delicious desserts whenever your sweet tooth is begging you for some. Since our focus would be only on the desserts they would be the best ever. There would also be a little section for people who want to pick up some desserts and take them home.
I would like my restaurant to have an awesome atmosphere so I would paint it with bright colors. My walls would be turquoise with black borders. I would have white square tables and frames on the walls. I would need to hire some people because most of my family members already have jobs they love, but I know my mom would enjoy working with me in a restaurant. I would serve chocolate cake, warm cherry and apple pies with ice cream on the side, arroz con leche, fruit salads, gourmet raspados, and much more. My mouth is getting watery just thinking about all the possibilities.

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