Friday, September 10, 2010

Cooking For My Family

If I could cook one meal for my family I would love to make it a simple yet delicious meal. I would want to create a big, "stacked" sandwich with cesar salad, some chips and salsa on the side, and a strawberry lemonade made with real fruit. I'd start off by grilling the chicken breasts for my sandwich. Once the perfect sear marks are on the chicken and the aroma only a grill can give is in the air, I'd add the cheese so that it could melt. Then I'd put the bread on the grill. Once the bread is nice and toasty I'd add the chipotle sauce, some avocados, a slice of red tomato, some cucumber, and some spinach leaves. Once the sandwich is built I'd take a knife and cut it diagonally down the middle into triangles. For the cesar salad I would take the lettuce, add the cesar salad dressing, some parmesan cheese, and top it off with some homemade croutons. The homemade croutons would add that special toasty flavor. For the croutons I'd simply cut up some bread into squares, add some oil, sprinkle a hint of garlic, and toast them in a pan. For the strawberry lemonade I would need a box of fresh strawberries and a bag of limes. I'd squeeze out all the juice from the limes and blend in that juice with the strawberries. Then I would add water, ice, and sugar. I would want to make my meal special so instead of eating inside, my family and I would eat outside on the patio table set for that day.

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