Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Pet

If I could have any animal as a pet I would have a golden brown horse, with light brown eyes, and white hooves. I remember that as a child almost every other Saturday my dad would take me to Griffith park. At Griffith park there was a section for riding horses. You had to start of slow depending on your age. If you were little then you would have to ride the horses that only went around in a circle. If you were big you got to ride the horses that you would have to control. I use to dream of being able to ride the horses that were more free and when I finally got to do it I loved it. I have a lot of good memories about riding horses and if I could have any pet I would love a horse. I like the bounce to their step and the wind hitting my body so gently. I would have to buy a barn for my horse or leave it in one of those rental farms that let you leave your horse there but it is your job to clean them, exercise them, and feed them. I  know there will be times when I would have to brush my horse and I think I would find that relaxing. I also feel like I could develop a special connection with my horse. I would find riding my horse to be fun and a nice to way to relax or think about things. Horses are awesome pets.