Friday, September 17, 2010

My Brothers

(My brother and his Wife Jessica)

I have two brothers, one older one younger. My older brother's name is Adrian. If I had to choose three words to describe him I would choose intelligent, passionate, and a prankster. He is a great role model  and I am blessed to have a brother who loves me and is always there for me. I know I can come to him for advice as well as a good laugh. My brother is passionate about God. He is a man of faith and a great inspiration. However, as great as he is he does not fail his brotherly duties: he loves to pull pranks on me but I must admit I love planning my retaliations. I remember one time he surprised me by squirting me with a small hand size water gun in the face. He laughed so hard that he didn't pay attention to my disappearance. About two minutes later I blasted him with a water gun as big as I was. He never saw it coming and after realizing what I had done he couldn't help but laugh. It is one of the few memories I love and owe to my big brother.
My little brother's name is Raymond. He is six years old. As one would expect from a six year old boy he is always full of energy. He enjoys playing outside and riding his scooter. Raymond LOVES animals. I am always surprised by how much information about animals he knows. He could talk about animals all day. He even has about 100 animal toys. I can't help but smile every time he excitedly tells me a new animal fact he learned. If asked what he wants to be when he grows up Raymond says a zookeeper, an animal cop, or a veterinarian. He may be animal crazy but I love him.

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  1. This is a wonderful description of your brothers. I too have brothers and I know the feeling of being loved and having support and friendship from a sibling. Good Job :)!