Saturday, September 18, 2010

"The Bat Who Couldn't Fly"

Ricky was the only bat in his family who couldn't fly.When Ricky was a baby he had been flying around at night when out of nowhere he hit something hard. He fainted but when he woke up he was no longer in the forest he was in some sort of man made place. There were lights all over him and people with masks covering their mouths. They wore hair caps on their heads, had gloves, and wore baby blue uniforms. One of them put a clear mask on Ricky and he went back to sleep. When he woke up he felt very weak. He heard two people talking nearby. "Poor little guy, we tried everything but we couldn't save his wings," they said. Who were they talking about thought Ricky. Suddenly something clicked in his head. This was a hospital and those people were doctors. He looked down and let out a loud scream. Where were his wings! Everything immediately came flowing back into his head. The night before he had been flying when he ran into a car. He had been so distracted by the lights he forgot to use his echolocation. The doctors were nice and made him strong enough to go back into the wild. It took him a while but he finally made it back home. His parents were so excited to see him and comforted him when he told them what happened and that he would never be able to fly again. His siblings weren't so kind but he knew that with time they would soon stop their teasing. Ricky understood he was lucky to be alive and promised himself that he would overcome his situation and make the best of it.   -The End

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  1. Ricky sounds like a bat who has been through alot. Good descrptions. Still feeling pitty for him.