Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lunch with a Famous Person

If I could have lunch with any famous person I would have a tough time choosing between Angelina Jolie or Sandra Bullock. They are both my favorite actresses. However, if I had to choose right now I guess I would choose Angelina Jolie. She is my favorite ACTION movie actress.  She is AMAZING when it comes to acting in action movies. She knows how to come off as passionate, strong, unstoppable, and even beautiful. I love her in Salt, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Changeling, and Life or Something Like it. I also like that she is very involved in Humanitarian efforts. If I could have lunch with her I would ask her what it is like to act in action movies. I would ask her how she prepares herself for such challenging moments and if she has to do some sort of training for the fighting scenes. I would also ask her why she is so involved in humanitarian efforts and what about it makes her love helping out. We would spend some time talking about her movies and we would also talk about her children. We would  talk about the pros and cons of being a celebrity and maybe if everything goes great she'd even let me meet Brad Pitt :) 

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