Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Master Plan

The city of Inglewood is not known as a city that has the best communities. It is a city known for gangs and drug dealers. In fact, in my own community, there is a drug dealer across the street from where I live. Most of the time the people doing drug or getting involved in crimes are the ones who have nothing else to do. They are bored and nothing else is available. My master plan for making my community better is to create activities that people can take part in. We should create city teams and play games and have practices. We could also create more jobs for teenagers. This way they would be learning responsibility and making money an appropriate way. My community also happens to look very bad and dirty at times. Another great idea would be to create some sort of clean up crew. They could go out and clean the streets. They could help elderly people and even paint some of the lines on the roads that are faded away. Basically this community would be better if the people in it made better decisions and kept the area clean. The way to lean into a direction where this standard would be possible is to create more activities and clean up after one selves. if every one were to clean up after themselves the community would be a lot nicer. So the next time you want to through a bag of MacDonald out of a car window, just wait until you get home and through it in the trash instead.

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