Thursday, November 4, 2010

Friend's birthday

My friend's birthday is coming up and I have decided to make it one she will never forget. I decide to throw her a party. I run out and get invitations to send. However, first I need to ask her parents if it is okay to throw her a party. I would also hope that they would want to come and invite any other family members important in the life of my friend. I would make sure the birthday consists of all her favorites: her favorite color, her favorite music, her favorite food, and her favorite cake. I would probably set it up to be after soccer practice so that she does not expect it. I would make up some excuse for her to go to my house, like say i would tell her that I have a present for her but it was to big to bring it to school. That way when she walks in the house she is surprised by the party. Everybody important in her life would be there. We would sing happy birthday to her and push her face in the cake. Then I would take the time to wish her a happy birthday and say a couple of other sweet words. After that we would open presents and take lots and lots of pictures. The pictures would last as a memory. Above all it would be a party especially for her. All attention would be on my friend and I bet she would love that.

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