Thursday, November 4, 2010

Attending College Out of State

Deciding to attend college in another state is a bold choice that requires specific preparation. Attending college in another state will be a challenge, for one you will not be with your family. Before attending an out of state institution of your choice you must be certain that you have a place to stay. You can't very well be homeless. Arrange to live in the dorms or to rent an apartment. Be aware of certain deadlines the college of your choice might set for students with the intention of living on campus. Another task you must complete is figuring out how to move all of your necessities to the place you will be living at. If you are going out of state, chances are that you will have to take an airplane to reach your college or drive for quite a few hours. If you are traveling by airplane you should find out if it is possible to fly all of your necessities with you or if you will have to pay extra. After all, if I am correct, I assume you can not ride the airplane carrying a mattress :). If you plan on going to your college by automobile, you might have to make more than one trip to deliver any furniture, mattress, or any other large item. Last but certainly not least, before going of to college in another state, figure out a way to stay in touch with your family, whether it be by email, phone, or even facebook. Consider your family, and yes even your crying mother as she begs you not to go. Stay strong, keep in touch, and your out of state college experience should be one worth remembering.

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