Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Article a Newly Arrived Person

If I was asked to write an article about a person newly arrived from another country I would enjoy it. My parents came to the United States from El Salvador and I would like to see how my parents experience and the experience of the person I am interviewing relate. I would have to interview the person and then decide which information to include. I would include why they left their country and decided to come to the United States. I would want to know if they left because of a war or maybe even persecution. I would also include in my article if they are glad they came to the United States or sad about it. My article would also include what the person came to. What I mean by this is that I would ask the person if they came to the United States and had a family member already here or if they came to nothing. The majority of my article would include the person's experience in coming to America. I would include whether they came legally or illegally. If they came illegally I want to know how they came and whether they ever faced death. I would also include in my article if the person likes the United States of America so far or not. I believe if I ask the correct question my article will give a good amount of information but be interesting as well.

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