Monday, November 1, 2010

Vegetable I Dislike

If I had to choose one vegetable I disliked the most it would have to be peas. Some people like them but I absolutely do not. I can not help but pick them out when they are in my food. If I am eating at someone else's house, say a friends, I will force myself to eat them by combining them with something else's and chewing them rapidly. I also take a large gulp of whatever I have to drink.I would much rather not eat them and throw them away but I do not want to seem rude. When I have reached a point where if I put another one in my mouth I will throw up I simply say I am full and thank them for a meal. Peas to me are nasty. When you eat them they are squishy and slushy. The inside part squeezes out of the outside shell and spills all over your mouth. It has a disgusting taste. When I have eaten peas i have felt like I was eating spoonfuls of buggers. Maybe my dislike of peas might change in the future but for now peas to me are horrible. Or maybe the ways in which I have eaten peas are what make me dislike them because I also can not stand onions but when I have eaten them grilled in animal fries from In-n-out I don't mind them at all. Maybe if I try peas in different ways I can teach myself to like them.

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