Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Figures of Speech

Tension floats around you when we are in the big whit room
You wear it on your face and I see it run thorough your body
I can read you like a book
Nervousness dances in the hall way between us
Dressed in clothes that are falling apart
You can’t seem to read me; you are so close.

Passion builds in her heart
Wearing her emotions and desires
He wants to get to know her and be with her
Time is stomping down his heart
It laughs at him and frustrates him as it passes so slowly
Yet he says he’ll wait.

Curiosity whispers in my ear
Draped in knowledge and stained with trouble
It springs toward me
Knowledge descends from the sky
It appears to grow with each passing second
It sings, “Let me come to you.”

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