Monday, November 8, 2010

People and Animals

The relationship some people have with their animals can sometimes be one of the most beautiful relationships. When a person shares a deep connection with their animal their is a mutual love that resonates whenever they are around each other. When a animal commits to a relationship with a human they have committed their loyalty and sometimes even their life. The animal will immediately act if it feels their person is in danger and may even risk their life to save that of their partner. I think relationships between people and their animals are so great because the person finds a non judgmental factor in the animal. No matter how bad the person acted at work or what he did while driving, the animal looks right past it and continues to love the person. This gives the person a sense of security in knowing that even if he commits mistakes there will always be someone at home who loves him. To the animal the person serves as a master. the person gives commands and if obeyed the animal gets treats. The person feeds them, plays with them, and shows affection with pats and "good boys." It is a relationship where there is a balance between give and take. Another relationship animals have with people is that of service. Some animals serve their person as eyes. they are a form of guidance. Animals and people create bonds that last a long time.

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