Monday, November 8, 2010

Music Video

One music video that I like a lot is actually a scene in a movie but can be seen as a music video online. The video I am talking about is called "Only Hope" and is sung by Mandy Moore. It is a song she sung in the movie "A Walk to Remember" This music video is so cute and inspirational. The main character, Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore) is singing the song as part of a school play. It is in her singing of the song that the male main character Landon Carter (Shane West) realizes that he is in love with Jaime. His macho, cool personality seems to disappear from his face and he is left looking vulnerable and scared. The words in the music video are about understanding that Jesus is hope. Mandy Moore's voice is so smooth and beautiful that it is perfect for this song and scene. Her angelic voice brings out the emotion of the viewers and their acting only makes it better. At the end of the song Jaime sits back down and looks at Landon. Something overcomes Landon and he leans forward and kisses her gently. He couldn't resist. The kiss was not part of the scene in the play so it shows that he truly does love her. he leaves Jamie surprised and even surprises himself. This song is powerful.

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