Friday, November 5, 2010

Best Dessert Ever

The most luscious, decadent dessert ever has to be something with milk chocolate. As a chocolate lover, I would start of by having a milk chocolate cake. Inside, the filling would be of a vanilla butter cream of some sort or a mixture of strawberry vanilla. This would add more depth to the cake instead of it just being only chocolate. The outside frosting would be chocolate mousse, handmade and whipped of course. On top would be some chocolate dipped strawberries and some milk chocolate shavings. On the side would be one of two choices. The first choice is a scoop of french vanilla ice cream to add contrast to the sense of the tongue. The second choice is a cold glass of milk to help the chocolate delight go down. Either way both choices would add quality to the already amazing dessert. This dessert would immediately warm the taste buds and create an explosion of smooth goodness. I can already imagine the touch of the chocolate on my lips as it lands on my tongue and creates music on impact. As it goes down my throat, my taste buds are already begging for more.With such a deliciously good dessert at hand, taking the last bite would be so sad yet so satisfying. I seriously wish I had this creation of yum in front of me right now.

1 comment:

  1. Sounds so delicious, I wish I had some myself. I would want to have whie chocolate on the outside and regular chocolate on the inside just to see how they taste together.