Thursday, November 4, 2010


If  I could live during any decade I would chose to live in the eighties. The eighties is one of the most talked about decades and I would want to see what all the hype is about. The eighties is known for big hair and crazy outfits. I would definitely be curious as to how I would dress if i lived in the eighties. I wonder what I would look like with big hair and stonewashed denim jeans. I currently live in a world where technology is everything. I would be interested to see how life would be like with absolutely no texting or touch screens. I am sure the amount and quality of television shows would decline but I wouldn't mind. The eighties was also a time where money went a longer way. Things were cheaper and came in a greater amount back then. It would be a nice change to get more value for my money. Music from the eighties must have also been different. I would like to experience the music craze back then as well. I think the eighties was a decade where life was a little simpler and more relaxed. That would be a nice change in comparison to the now hectic, stressful style of living most Americans live. Overall I would just be curious to experience the general atmosphere of the eighties.

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  1. good writing assignment. I agree the eighties does seem like a pretty interesting decade. You did good writing this. I saw no mistakes in this writing prompt.