Monday, November 8, 2010

Teenage Fad

One teenage fad going on in this moment and time is the fad of ear gauges. I personally am not a fan of stretching your ears but a lot of teenagers are doing it. I believe this stretching of the ears is so popular because since teens see a lot of people doing it they too go and get them done, and then other see them thus, they go get their ears done and the cycle continues. Another reason I have heard from friends is that when you are stretching your ears you develop an addiction to the pain. Now I am not sure that this is true for everyone with ear gauges but it is true for at least one person. Many teens have been going for a rocker type look and these ear gauges complement such a desire. However, the ear gauges are also popular because they don't necessarily have to be for a rocker style, although the majority of teens who have it seem to be going for such a look. Gauges come in many different colors and styles. Overall I feel ear gauges are popular among teens because it is the new thing right now and teens are always looking for the new thing because they in fact have not found their true identity yet. It is completely understandable for teens to experiment with styles. however, the reason  I am not a fan of this fad is because I don't want to end up with stretched ears for the rest of my life. I do not find stretched ears to be cute. That is a personal reason, and anyone else who disagrees is free to get ear gauges. I believe this fad like many others will eventually come to an end or at least decrease in popularity.

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