Thursday, November 11, 2010

Public Schooling vs. Homeschooling

Public Schooling and Homeschooling are two completely different experiences. On both occasions, material is being taught and learning is being done. Material for the appropriate grade level is being taught to the child in the corresponding grade. With that said, almost everything else is different. When it comes to public schooling you can expect there to be a lot of children. There are children from various age ranges, in various grades. In contrast, when it comes to homeschooling you can expect only one child. While homeschooling is not only limited to one child, the majority of children home schooled in one household most likely does not exceed five. Homeschooling is chosen by some parents because of the extra attention a child receives. In public school the ratio of students to teaches is probably about 30:1. On the contrary the ratio of students to teacher in homeschooling is about 1:1. there is a huge difference in these ratios and the attention a teacher can give to a particular student depends on these numbers. Thus, children in homeschooling benefit from a one on one student- teacher relationship. What homeschooling does not have that public schooling does is the opportunity for social interaction and social growth. Public schooling is also free while home schooling under most circumstances has to be paid for. When it comes to public schooling vs. homeschooling, both have much to offer, both have a few cons, and both are up to the parents to decide.

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