Friday, November 5, 2010

Modern Life Without Cell Phones

Cell phones in this day and era have become a way of life. If I were to stop one hundred people and ask how many had cell phones, I am almost positive 97 people would say they do. In this day and age, cell phones are a must. Almost every one has a cell phone or wants one. People use it to stay in contact with other people. Text messaging has also become a popular bonus to a cell phone. Needless to say, modern life would be extremely different without cell phones. People would not have the luxury of pushing a couple of buttons and all of a sudden being in communication with someone far away. If cell phones did not exist, people would have to write letters for everything. If they want to say something to a person, they would have to write it or use email. Either way communicating with someone within seconds would no longer be possible. If you wanted to share a quick thought or memo with someone, you wouldn't be able to just call them or text them. You would have to wait a long time to tell them what was on your mind. If you were lost and needed directions, you couldn't just call someone and ask for help. if you were meeting up with someone you wouldn't be able to call them and ask them to describe where they were. You would be left wandering for who knows how long. Life without cell phones is filled with a lot of "can nots". Basically, modern life without cell phones wouldn't be so modern. Life would be a lot harder.

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