Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Movie: Salt

Salt was an amazing action packed movie starring Angelina Jolie, and I expect nothing less from the best action actress. In the movie Salt, there is a CIA agent whose name is Evelyn Salt. Her job is to interrogate suspects. One day a Russian man walks in and says he has something important to tell the CIA. Evelyn Salt goes and interrogates him. He tells the story of a child training program in Russia that trained Russian children to destroy America. The Russian children learn English before Russian and American customs. They wait for years to complete their given task. The man goes on to say that their is a Russian spy in the CIA. Evelyn says that is ridiculous and starts to leave. He turn around and says "The name of the spy is Evelyn Salt." Evelyn turns around and says "My name is Evelyn Salt." To this the man answers, "Then you are a Russian Spy." With these words all the action in the movie begins. Evelyn immediately denies that she is a Russian Spy and tries to get in contact with her husband. The viewers believe that she is good, but the CIA immediately begins to chase her down after she cunningly escaped the interrogation building. However, Evelyn starts to engage in the activities the Russian man said the Russian Spy was trained to do. She apparently kills the Russian president so that the Russian people will retaliate against America. She then meets up with the guy who outed her out and gives him a hug and there seems to be a fatherly relationship between the man and her. As she walks into their secret layer, her "Russian operative brothers" shoot her husband right in front of her and pay close attention to her reaction. She makes sure to show no reaction and acts as if she doesn't care. The "brothers" and head guy embrace her and welcome her back.  Up to this point the viewers now believe she is evil and truly is out to destroy America. However, everything is flipped once again when she kills all her "Russian brothers" and the man in charge. In the end it turns out she was a sort of double spy. She pretended to be American so that the Russian party would believe she was completing her task but was in fact trying to prevent the destruction of America. She was doing this because "they" took everything from her: her parents, her childhood, her husband. It is definitely an interesting movie that will keep you at the edge of your seats but it is important to pay close attention.

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